My goal as a clinician is to help you function more effectively and take pleasure in your one and only life. We begin where you are: be it bored, indecisive, sad, scared? From wherever you are now, we begin your journey of self-discovery. Clients initially describe themselves as cycling through repetitive, ineffective behaviors, yet expecting different results. Often they are essentially avoiding or are blind to some conflict that presses limitations on the capacities for enjoyment, focus, and self-direction. If you can’t get out of it, get into it! Unpacking the relationships you have with others and with yourself, locating the source of distress, enables one’s sense of self to expand.

“We are not only the passive witnesses of our age, but also its makers.”

– Carl Jung

I value traditional talk therapy focused on problem-solving, as well as alternative modalities: dream work, meditation, body/mind exercises, yoga, and active imagination. You participate and embody your own development.

Key concepts: choice, risk, responsibility, courage.

Format: Generally, 50 minute visits in my office, Skype, phone, or walk outdoors. The process can take 10-40 sessions; for longer standing, more complex problems we may need to meet more frequently or for a longer number of visits.

I collaborate with psychiatrists in several locations if medication is indicated.